miTunes v1.5 (3 versions)

Here are 3 mini mixes for you to grab. Really what these are are pieces of unfinished mixes that have been just chillin' in my computer. For one reason or another I never finished the mixes, so rather than letting them get lost in a hard drive somewhere forever, I decided to bounce them off as mini mixes for you to have. They're about 20 mins and each with they're own theme.

miTunes 1.5.1 Alternative
(ft. Kelly Clarkson, The Ting Tings, The Killers, Kings of Leon, & Santogold)

miTunes 1.5.2 Electronic/Top 40
(ft. Justin, Kid Cudi, Fake Blood, Steve Angello, Black Eyed Peas, & Pitbull)

miTunes 1.5.3 Indie
(ft. Crystal Castles, Chromeo, Lykke Li, Lady Gaga, Justice, & MGMT)

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