Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Michael Jackson was a huge part of my childhood. At 5, I was sliding across the kitchen floor in my leather jacket with white tape on the ends of my fingers. It only felt right to pay tribute. Here is a video mix I compiled as quickly as I could. As I watched back over the footage at this later age, I realized what a true icon, inventor, and humanitarian he truly was. He was the greatest performer who ever lived, no more, no less. May he rest in peace.

Mixed by DJ Don Lynch. djdonlynch.blogspot.com from Don Lynch on Vimeo.

Now available for download!! Enjoy.


MiTunes v2.0 Summer Edition Download Links

Thank you for your interest in downloading my new summer mix CD. How can I describe it? It's basically a bunch of house music, old and new, that I think will sound great at your summer pool parties and BBQ's. Hopefully you will agree! Enjoy this CD all summer long.

Links to download the entire CD (separated into tracks) and, "the hundred minute mp3 perfect edit" for your iPod are located below. I still plan on posting the 2 hour uncut version, but that may take a day or so. Please check back! In the meantime, feel free to download these and any of the many mixes below. Enjoy.

miTunes 2.0 
(the hundred minute mp3 perfect edit)


miTunes 2.0 
CD Download (with tracks separated)


miTunes 2.0 
Complete Tracklist



miTunes v1.5 (3 versions)

Here are 3 mini mixes for you to grab. Really what these are are pieces of unfinished mixes that have been just chillin' in my computer. For one reason or another I never finished the mixes, so rather than letting them get lost in a hard drive somewhere forever, I decided to bounce them off as mini mixes for you to have. They're about 20 mins and each with they're own theme.

miTunes 1.5.1 Alternative
(ft. Kelly Clarkson, The Ting Tings, The Killers, Kings of Leon, & Santogold)

miTunes 1.5.2 Electronic/Top 40
(ft. Justin, Kid Cudi, Fake Blood, Steve Angello, Black Eyed Peas, & Pitbull)

miTunes 1.5.3 Indie
(ft. Crystal Castles, Chromeo, Lykke Li, Lady Gaga, Justice, & MGMT)


Don Lynch on Club 949

I know, I know. I said it would be a cold day in hell before I mixed on the radio again, so apparently the Devil is having a snowball fight right now. All jokes aside, my homie E Rock is doing some great things with his show "Club 949" on WiLD 94.9 in San Francisco right now, so naturally when he asked me to be a part, I had to accept the invitation. Best part about the whole deal is I got to play whatever I wanted and I was on right at 2am when all the clubs let out. I'm no dummy; I couldn't just play whatever I wanted... I mean the goal is to have people tune in and stay there, so it is a very radio friendly mix, but me nonetheless. I was happy to do it. Here is both parts together for you to enjoy.


You can also grab some other mixes from the show on E Rock's podcast page located HERE!


Live from Infusion Lounge.

So if you have been living under a rock for the past few months, you might not know about SF's newest hot spot: Infusion Lounge.  It is BY FAR my favorite place to play in the state right now and I have been fortunate enough to have been invited back many times.  Here is what this past Saturday sounded like, and in my opinion, is sounded GOOD!  Enjoy this 90 minute live mix of everything from Hip Hop to House to 80's to Rock.



Live Electro from Sabor.

Had a great night at Sabor on Friday.  The crowd in the front room was really feelin the house, so I went a little deeper than normal (for San Jose.) Here's a hot 20 minutes or so recorded towards the end of the night.



Live from Manic Mondays!

Here is an excerpt from my recent set at Mei-Lwun's ever popular party "Manic Mondays" at MatrixFilmore in SF.  Recorded on January 5th, 2009, it was completely off the dome and of course, alcohol was involved, so there's a lot that I play regularly and a lot that I don't.  Hope you enjoy.